Friday, February 21, 2014

Sharing Memories Week 6: Games I Played

Sharing Memories Week 6: Games I Played
Over at Olive Tree Genealogy blog is a Genealogy Writing Challenge. It's 52 weeks of writing your own memoirs.  Lorine will be posting a weekly prompt each Sunday on Olive Tree Genealogy blog under the topic Sharing Memories

The first week's prompt was about Kindergarten. You can read Lorine's blog post for the first week at Challenge: 52 Weeks of Writing Our Memories - Kindergarten Days

This week's prompt is "Games You Played"

I grew up in a family that didn't play a lot of games. We didn't play card games or board games but I do remember the first video games that came out. 

I remember playing "Pong" on a television at a friend's house and then when the Atari home game console came out all my friends wanted it. If you were cool you had an Atari. I didn't have one. 

The Video Game Arcades were a big hit. My friends and I would go at lunch time and after school to spend all our quarters. That was in the days of games like Asteroid, Donkey Kong and Pac-Man. 

I often wonder if I'd taken all those endless quarters I spent and invested them, how much money would I have now some 30 years later! 

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