Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Two Widows Claimed Same Grave

The Landmark, Statesville North Carolina, 24 September 1897

Bridgeport Connecticut Dispatch to Baltimore Sun

Each of two widows yesterday claimed the same grave in Mountain Grove Cemetery, Bridgeport as the last resting place of her husband.

Mrs. otto Jones had already erected a monument over the mound in memory of the late Mr. jones, when Mrs. Charles H. Gould went to give directions for erecting a granite shaft on the same plot.

To Mrs. Gould's surprise, the grave was green, the grass neatly cut, and the headstone informed her that there rested the body of Otto Jones. Mrs. Jones was summoned, and to setle the dispute, the grave was opened.

The coffin plate bore the name of Mr. Gould. Mrs. Jones fainted on learning that through a mistake during four years she had wept over the wrong grave.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007