Sunday, July 17, 2005

Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston, Ontario

Here's a few inscriptions I copied down while browsing through this Cemetery on a recent trip. I also have photos of other graves at Cataraqui Cemetery, which I will be putting up on Ancestors At Rest main website this week.

Horace Adams Harbeck
Born Feb 19, 1840
Died Jan 3, 1888

Wm. H. Vrooman
his wife
Letitia Blake

Three Stones flat in ground, side by side, last one half-buried by grass:

1. Victoria Middleton

2. Robert Middleton

3. Susan
1835- [covered in grass and ground]
wife of
Robert Mid [rest covered by grass and ground]

beloved wife of
George Mooers
departed this life
July 27, 1855
[can't read this line]
Also her infant daughter
died August 11, 1855
age 6 weeks

Edith Ann Yeo
wife of C. C. Meyers
Jan 31, 18..

George Metzler
born July 3, 1817
died March 22, 1895
Nancy Shannon
his wife
born July 3, 1822
died August 22, 1887

broken stone:
In memory of
William Vrooman
died April 16, 1873
age 74 years

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Jenn said...

I went to your main site and you sure have a lot of grave markers photographed...very impressive.

I believe my Great-Great Grandmother is buried in the Cataraqui New Section A (Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid says KG 0534-5) but I am trying to verify it is her. Is this the same cemetery you photographed?

Cheers, Jenn