Friday, August 31, 2007

New Naturalization Certificates online

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Naturalization Records today added Naturalization Certificates and Alien Registration Cards for several individuals in Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan,
Massachusetts and Colorado. Is one your ancestor?

See index to Naturalization Records on

These are the certs added today:

*Certificate of Naturalization Elizabeth Koval, from Czechoslovakia, in Pennsylvania 1945

*Certificate of Naturalization Alexander Johnson Duncanson from Canada or United Kingdom, of East Jordan, Michigan 1925 + wife & children

*Certificate of Naturalization Michael Chekorin from Russia, New York City 1940

*Naturalization Certificate William Parker Deerfield,Franklin County Massachusetts 1859

*Certificate of Citizenship Henry A. Foye from Ireland Arapahoe County Colorado 1894

See index to Alien Registration Records on

This registration was added today:

*McKeesport, Alleghany County, Pennsylvania Alien Identification Card for Elizabeth Koval 1940 (includes her exact date of immigration and port of entry)

Thanks to the submitters who generously shared these records, we're building a very nice online free database!

If you would like to submit a record or a scan of a record for your ancestor, please send it to (replace AT with @ in the email)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kent County Ontario Deaths 1870 to 1879

Kent County Ontario Deaths 1870 to 1879

I have put a few Kent County Deaths that people have submitted to me over the years. You can see them at
Kent County Deaths

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Death Records on Paper Trails Blog

Death Records found on Paper Trails Blog

* Tredegar Cemetery Exhumation Certificate from 1879... South Wales, Tredegar Cemetery, United Kingdom

* Obituary Hattie Wilson 1888 Illinois

* WW1 Death Records DUGGAN

* Last Will and Testament, June 2, 1866, Mrs.Mary Harrold

* Probate of Will, October 11, 1871, Mrs.Hannah Smith

* 1825 FALKIRK SCOTLAND Doctors medicine bill -

* New Hampshire Will 1859 - Isaac Morse

Monday, August 20, 2007

Are you related? Mummified Baby found in wall

Jul 25, 2007

A local renovator found a mummified infant wrapped in a flowered comforter and old newspaper dated Sept. 12, 1925, in the wall of a house he was working on in Riverdale, Toronto.

A land title search showed that the Kintyre Ave. home was purchased in 1919 by Wesley Russell. Newspapers report that Mr. Russell died in February, 1939 and his wife Della lived in the house until 1941, when she was admitted as a patient to Toronto Ontario Hospital. It isn't known if the baby belonged to the couple who lived in the home at the time. In fact it isn't known when or how the baby died - while the 1925 newspaper might seem like a clue, that doesn't mean the death happened that year.

Many reports and articles are circulating and some reporters have discovered a few genealogical facts about Wesley and Della - such as their marriage in Belleville Ontario in 1898. I thought it would be interesting to see if I could find more, as some papers are stating that they hope relatives will be found who might see to the burial of the infant.

Wesley Russell & Della Rutter were married 12 Oct 1898 in Belleville Ontario. records do not show parents' names but the online Bridge St. Wesleyan Methodist (now United Church), Belleville records show Wesley as age 19 son of
Wellington RUSSELL & Fanny BELLKNAP

The 1901 Census finds Wesley F Russel age 21 and Della Russell, age 20, living in Ameliasburg, Prince Edward County

The 1911 Census finds Wesley Russell age 29 and Della age 25 along with Charles Rutter age 23(probably Della's brother) living at 3 Ashby St in Toronto.

Charles Ruter is found in the 1901 census for Prince Edward County with his parents James A Rutter (born ca 1851) and Emmma J. (born ca 1861) along with 2 siblings - James M born ca 1889 and a daughter born ca 1893.

Checking the online Ontario Vital Stats found James Morden Rutter born 3 Oct 1889 to James Albert Rutter and Emma Jane Babcock in Prince Edward County

More checking found other children born to James Albert Rutter and Emma Jane Babcock:

* Alla [Ella?] May Born 20 May 1893 in Prince Edward County

* Herbert or Howard born 14 Jan 1897 in Prince Edward County

Next I found the marriage of James Albert Rutter and Emma Jane Babcock on 13 Aug 1876 in Ameliasburg Township. Unfortunately the parents' names are not given

The last great clue came from the 1881 census -- James Rutter, 28, wife Emma J. 22 and two children - Sarah A age 4 and Ardelia E age 4 months, are found in Ameliasburg, Prince Edward county.

Ardelia of course is our DELLA who married Wesley Russel and who may or may not be the mother of the dead child found in the walls

I haven't found the birth of Della or Charles Rutter but many births were never registered. However I am sure that Della was a child of James Rutter and Emma Babcock.

Hopefully someone recognizes these names as being part of their family tree!

(Sources:,, Automated

Read some of the news stories on Google or copy and paste these links into your web browser

Staunton, Macoupin County Illinois Court Records

Hi All

I have created a index to a Staunton, Macoupin County Court Records Book that I have in my collection. The ledger covers the years 1930 to 1957 and gives lots of great info on the court cases of that time period. The index is free for everyone to see. You can find it online at

Staunton Court Records

I hope you find someone of interest.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

More Kansas Obits Online

I have added more Kansas obits. You can see them at

Some of the new names are

Allen, Bailey, Brasted, Brooks, Buckbee, Burke, Davis, Deterting, Dietz, Dollar, Dulohery, Foster, Golden, Gray, Hake, Hamilton, Hanks, Hanni, Hoyt, Hudiburg, Hudiburgh, Iverson, James, Jarus, Jenkins, Johnston, Kasselman, Kirkman, Kraus, Krebs, Knutson, Lawrence, Lindholm, McCann, McCormick, Meridith, Meyer, Miller, Million, Oursler, Overstreet, Parker, Peal, Pfeifer, Pickens, Prichard, Ross, Salina, Savant, Scharping, Schmidt, Short, Sonderegger, Stickney, Tate, Wiedeman, Williams

Good Luck

Friday, August 10, 2007

Cheshire England Memorial Cards (over 50)

Memorial cards many from the Tarporley and Eaton areas of Cheshire England.

name of deceased, their location, and date of death:

John Asprey, Tarporley, 1876
Alice Burgess, Luton, 1934
George Bell, Tarporley, 1889
Edward Barton, Luton, 1931
Elizabeth Banks, Westhead, 1888
Robert Brackenridge, Liverpool, 1875
Henry Carter, Tarporley, 1910
Frances Carter, Eaton, 1903
Maria Carter, Eaton, 1902
Richard Cooke, Londonderry, 1893
Eliza Cawley, Tarporley, 1910
Ellen Clarke, Tarporley, 1889
Joseph Clarke, Tarporley, 1873
Alice Caiger, Paddington, 1897
Anne Done, Tarporley, 1872
John Deveraux(?), Lee, 1912
Frances Dolben, 1892
Thomas Dickinson, Luddington Hill, 1914
Hannah Dickinson, Tarporley, 1909
Ann Deakin, Cote-Brook, 1911
Eli Deakin, Cote-Brook, 1911
Lydia Forshaw, Skelmersdale, 1909
Edwin Fitton, Eaton, 1882
Martha Hasall, Eaton, 1887
Mary Hassall, Eaton, 1880
John Hassall, Eaton, 1900
Elizabeth Hassall, Tarporley, 1896
Rose Heath, Tarporley, 1915
Sarah Jane Hewitt, Tarporley
Frederick Hall, Gillingham (Kent), 1909
John Johnson, Cote-Brook, 1909
Richard Jones, Smithdown Lane, 1870
Mary Kay, Eaton, 1894
Martha Lewis, Cote-Brook, 1904
Christopher Orton, 1893
Emily Pinney, Ecton, 1894
Elizabeth Prince, Tarporley, 1895
Thomas Prince, Delamere, 1876
Elizabeth Prince, Tarporley, 1895
Elizabeth Prince, Eaton, 1906
Sarah Prince, Tarporley, 1866
Thomas Prince, Delamere, 1876
Ruth Prince, Eaton, 1899
George Prince, Tarporley, 1876
Ruth Prince, Eaton, 1899
Mary Stockton, Tarporley, 1898
Albert Shewring, Lea, 1921
Robert A. Taylor, Lathom, 1937
Eliza Tomlin, 1906
Annie Tuddenham, Basingstoke, 1948
John Turton, Latham, 1947
Herbert Vernon, Chester, 1897
John Vernon, Eaton, 1872
Thomas Vernon, Eaton, 1872
Jesse Walker, Eaton, 1908

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