Friday, October 26, 2007

Births And Baptisms In Poplar Chapel, London County, England 1584 ~ 1799

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I have added a few more records for Poplar Chapel, London County, England.
This time it is Births And Baptisms 1584 ~ 1799. Now it is just a few records and is far from complete but it may be of interest to someone searching for ancestors in London. This new data will compliment the Poplar Chapel, London County Marriages 1670~1753 that I have had on line for some time.

If you want to have a look at the records go to Poplar Chapel Records

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Coffin Plates, Nason, Crawford, and Fernald.

Hi all I have added coffin plates for Mary E Crawford, George Fernald and William P Nason.

Coffin Plates

I have also updated my Ontario Birth Records and Death Records page.Death Records

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Minnie S Pace and Margaret C Clark Coffin Plates

I have added a few more Coffin Plates. Minnie S Pace and Margaret C Clark are two of the new plates. It looks like Minnie may be from KY. It is unusual to find plates from KY as it was not a common practice for people living in KY to keep the plates.

Coffin Plates

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Great New Irish Databases

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Lots of great new Databases added to Ancestors At Rest this week.

People from the Fitzwilliam estate who settled in Ontario, 1847-55. In
the late 1840s a program of assisted emigration was initiated by Lord
Fitzwilliam to reduce the number of tenants on his estate in southwest
County Wicklow Ireland. Most of these emigrants sailed from New Ross to
Quebec City, but few of them stayed in Quebec, where the population was
for the most part French-speaking. Instead, they continued on up the
St. Lawrence River to the province of Ontario (then called Upper
Canada) and became part of Irish communities there. The following data
was compiled by Anne Burgess. It lists many of the Irish from the
Fitzwilliam estate who settled in the West 1/2 of Ontario, from roughly
Belleville to Lake Huron.

I have also added Tenants renting land from Earl Fitzwilliam in the
townlands of Aghold, Ardoyne, Coolboy, and Kilcavan County Wicklow
Ireland. 1839.

You can see all the new data at
Ireland Genealogy

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

To Whoever Took my Work and put it on Wikipedia....

I was browsing Wikepedia and stumbled on my own article and write up about Coffin Plates. It came directly from my website in my Coffin Plates section.

Wow. Deju vu!

It was a direct copy and paste from my site with NO credit to me as the author, despite the copyright notice front and center.

Yeah, those are my words on Wikipedia. My research into the topic. My hard work.

I wouldn't care if whoever lifted it from my site and submitted it to Wikipedia had done the right thing and credited me and my site for it. Of course it'd be better if this person of questionable ethics had written to ask my permission.

So whoever you are, would you copy Steven King's latest novel and put it online? (not that I'm saying I'm in his league!) Sure you would! Your morals are questionable. Apparently you don't know right from wrong. But most of us would not do such a thing.

Internet publishing is no different than real-world publishing.

So - if someone ELSE did the work, the research and the writing, don't take credit for it (that's called plagarism) and don't take it without permission and publish it somewhere else (that's called copyright infringement)