Saturday, August 31, 2013

Amateur archaeologists discover subterranean slave world under Roman emperor’s villa

A discovery beneath the Roman Emperor Hadrian’s Villa at Tivoli of a subterranean jigsaw of tunnels and roads is interesting. It wasn't discovered by professional archaeologists but by Italian caving enthusiasts.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Using Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner to Turn Ancestors Recipes or Letters into Wall Hangings

The following blog post is republished with permission from Olive Tree Genealogy Blog

Turning an Ancestor's Handwritten Recipes or Letters into Napkins or Towels
Scanning my Grandmother's Recipe
I saw this blog post How to turn handwritten recipes into tea towels several months ago and thought "what a great idea!" I'd hoped to get one made myself to show you but time constraints and health issues have prevented me from creating my own.

Because I want to share this with my readers, you should read the original blog post. I'd suggest using your Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner to scan old letters or Grandma's recipes then start creating your towel or napkin or even a wall hanging. Wouldn't that be a nice Christmas gift for a family member!

As you can see I have my Grandmother's recipe in her handwriting and am scanning it in hopes of finding enough time to create my own tea towels for gifts.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

National Acadian Day

National Acadian Day
 It's National Acadian Day  Acadians are the descendants of the 17th-century French colonists who settled in Acadia, a colony of New France

 If you have Acadian ancestors, you may want to check out these sites:

* Acadian Genealogy Homepage  Acadian-Cajun Family Genealogy and French-Canadian Genealogy

* Parish Registers fonds, which contains transcriptions of parish registers of various Acadian parishes and from the Gaspé peninsula.

* Biographies of the 37 main Acadian families from the Université de Moncton’s website. [French language only]

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Texas Man Builds Fake Cemetery With Tombstones From Actual Dead People

Texas Man Builds Fake Cemetery With Tombstones From Actual Dead People
A  Houston Texas man, tired of homeless people sleeping on his property, installed three grave sites complete with fake headstones.

Much to his surprise, it turned out that the headstones were  discarded from a local monument company and are inscribed with the names of actual deceased people.

The three tombstone markers are inscribed

Johnny Mack Chappell, Dee Brown Hancock 1922-1973, and Sandra Ruth Howen 1939-1986

Video & Details at:

Daily Mail Online: Texas man tired of homeless people sleeping on his property builds a fake GRAVEYARD complete with old tombstones - only to find out they were made for real dead people

ABC News: Phony Tombstones Used as Scarecrow for Vagrants