Sunday, May 15, 2005

Dean's Grange Cemetery,Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland

Dean's Grange Cemetery,Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland is now online. It is not the whole
cemetery but it may be of help to some of you. If you want
to take a look go to


Robert said...

Looked at your cemetery listing but did not find my Grandmother's listing. I have a listing in the family Bible for her as follows: Matilda Anne Atkin Starkey, died November 16, 1900, buried Grave Space #95, Lat. South, Section 02 in Deans Grange Cemetery, Dublin Ireland, age 42.

Planning a trip to Ireland and want to visit the cemetery to look at the gravesite. Thanks. Robert

Genealogy Blogger said...

Hi Robert,

I thought i noted in my post that this is only a partial listing, not the complete cemetery. Sorry for the confusion!

I'm sure you'll find your gma where the family bible says she is buried.

patc890 said...

I follow that link and can't any where to search Deansgrange?


Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Pat - I followed the link and saw Dean's Grange Cemetery listing part way down the page. It's a link, you click on it and go to and then you see the list of name

Lady Irish said...

There are literally thousands buried in Deansgrange and I have yet to find any online listing all interments.

Once you get to Ireland, find out what time the cemetery office opens (they're only open a couple of hours a day) and have them search their books for you. Nothing is on computer (not when I was there in 2012) so they will literally pull large books off their shelves to research. Persevere with them as I found the clerks less than accommodating.

Best of luck!