Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Sharing Memories Prompt: Naughty Things You Did as a Kid

Sharing Memories Prompt: Naughty Things You Did as a Kid
Over at Olive Tree Genealogy blog is a Genealogy Writing Challenge. It's 52 weeks of writing your own memoirs.  Lorine will be posting a weekly prompt each Sunday on Olive Tree Genealogy blog under the topic Sharing Memories

The first week's prompt was about Kindergarten. You can read Lorine's blog post for the first week at Challenge: 52 Weeks of Writing Our Memories - Kindergarten Days

This week's prompt is to talk about something naughty I did as a kid. Well I never liked physed, and I would use any excuse I could think of to get  out of it.

One winter day in Grade 7 I went to Physed class and my physed teacher Ray Brien noticed I was wearing my work boots. I never wore anything else - workbooks and jeans, that was my daily "uniform". He wasn't pleased and told me to get my running shoes. Not a big deal, right? Except my running shoes were at home and home was about 4 miles from the school.

So I went home. And oops I neglected to tell my teacher that my running shoes were at home and I had to leave to get them. It was a long walk and by the time I got home it was lunch time. I was hungry so I made myself some lunch. After I finished lunch I headed back to school. By the time I got back to school I'd been gone almost 4 hours and school was just about over.

My classroom teacher asked me where the heck I'd been and when I told him that Mr. Brien sent me to get my running shoes, and here they were, he just shook his head and said "Ok Brian go sit down". I never got into trouble at all because the teachers all considered me a bit of an oddball.

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