Sunday, August 08, 2010

Ancestor Death Record Finder

Can't find your ancestor in death records?

Most genealogists search death records such as Cemetery records, Obituaries and Vital Stats (Death Registrations or Certificates). If we don't find our ancestor in one of those death records, we're stuck! Where to search next? The free ADF (Ancestor Death Finder) can help.

What happens when a loved one dies? What events take place around the death of a family member? What kind of death record paper trail is created on the death of an individual? The answers to these questions will lead you to other sources of death records and hopefully end that brick-wall.

When an ancestor dies, many records of that death might be created. Let's talk about records kept before an ancestor death and those created after a death.

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Aspiring freelance writer said...

I followed your link and read- TERRIFIC!! You have many many iideas I had not even considered. I have a serious brick wall right now with my great grandmother and great great grandmother's death records... Excellent job!!