Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Genealogy Gift

My genealogy and family history is really an important part of my life. I take great pride and derive great pleasure from my family history. One of the the things that I love the most is seeing or touching things that were part of my ancestors life. Buildings they worked in or lived in. Furniture they sat on or books the read. It makes them come alive for me and seem like real people. Not just names in a book. Well just this weekend I was fortunate to be given a very special gift. I went to visit my uncle Mac and he presented me with a direct link to my Great Great Grandfather Samuel Sandercock. His moustache cup. Samuel had a big moustache his entire adult life. And i guess it would get a little wet when he had his tea. So as was common at the time he had a moustache cup. Its not a valuable thing. At an antique store it would probably only fetch $50 or so but to me it is priceless.


Deb said...

I have so many wonderful things that connect me to my ancestors and beloved relatives who are gone. I love the fact that they touched these things, used them, etc. I have my gg-grandmother's wooden bread-mixing bowl - it's huge - it's on the floor with my collection of old glass fishing floats in it. I have another gg-grandmother's fur stole. I have photos and letters to and from many dating back to my gggg's' generation on several lines. I just LOVE having these things!

Diana Ritchie said...

What a great gift!! I couldn't agree more about how these things make our ancestors more "real" - and I love the picture...great mustache!!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing gift. My husband and I have been given a rocking chair which his grandmother was rocked in as a baby. And my mother now has her late mothers diningroom table. These are items that will be passed down for generations to come.