Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cabinet of Curiousities: A Bowl Full Of Goodies

This bowl is very special to me as it was a present to my great grandparents William Elgie and Mary Louise Facey on their Wedding Day in 1904. The poor old thing may not look like much, the flowers are faded and worn, the rim has a large chunk that was broken and then glued back (with not too much success) by my Great-Grandfather. It has no monetary value whatsoever. But to me it is priceless.

Each year just before Christmas, I dig it out of the back of the china cabinet, (I keep it at the back so you can't see the repair) and fill it with Christmas goodies. Some years I put nuts in it but this year I went for something a little sweeter. You can see what is in it this year.

I am sure that whoever gave the bowl to my ancestors William & Mary Elgie would never have imagined that it would still be in use by their descendants over 100 years later.

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