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West Yarmouth Woodside Cemetery, County of Barnstable Massachusetts

West Yarmouth Woodside Cemetery County of Barnstable Massachusetts in the village of Yarmouth Port which is part of the town of Yarmouth.

I walked West Yarmouth Woodside Cemetery in Barnstable
Massachusetts in August 2006.

Following is a PARTIAL list of photos I have online at

Ancestors At Rest


Ancestors At Rest Massachusetts

E. Elliott son of Elnathon & Julia A. Baker

Eliza wife of Elkanah Crowell died May 8 1884 (Eliza Bacon)

Elkanah Crowell died December 30 1885 age 92 years 9 months

Francis Crowell died 1905

Isaiah Crowell and wife Mercy Baker with children Lewis
Francis, Amelia, Francis Bacon and infant son

Ezekiel Crowell Jr who died on board Ship --- on her
passage from New York to New Orleans November 12, 1844 age
21 years

Capt. Abner Crowell died April 18, 1836 aged 63

Olive Widow of Abner Crowell

Lucendie Baxter (wife of Prince) died 1831 - December 29
age 66

Patty Gorham (wife of Jeremiah) died Nov. 16, 1863

Jeremiah Gorham born May 3 1787 died Dec 3 1861

Cynthia Gorham (wife of Jeremiah) dborn July 6 1783 died
Feb 16 1841

Joshua Taylor (son of Joice & Ruth) died Aug. 28, 1855

Joice Taylor Jr died 1848

Ruth wife of Joice Taylor

Charlotte L Jones (dau of Ansel & Eliza) died 1855 age 19

Prince Webber died 1845 age 38

Polly wife of Prince Webber

Ansell Hawes died March 1806 in his 29th year

Ebenezer Crowell (son of Gorham & Bethiah) died January

Isaiah Parker Born Jan. 10, 1770 Died Jan. 15, 1836

Temperance Parker (wife of Isaiah) died October 28, 1811

Nancy Carlow (wife of Lyman) died December 1811

Molly Gray wife of Gideon Gray, died 1813 in her 70th year

Abigail wife of Capt. Jeremiah Farris who died October 1805

In Memory of Mrs Molly wife of Cap Obadiah Baker who died
Oct 12 1806 in her 41st Year

In memory of Captain Silvenus Crowell Jr who departed this
life March 8 1803 age 42

Elizabeth Taylor wife of Abner Taylor died Dec'r 5th 1803
in the 57th Year of her age

Thomas Parker Departed this life April 9 1783 in the 31st
year (of his age)

Dorcas A Crowell

Jacob Parker died 1776

Abner Taylor son of Abner and Ruth died 1810

Lieut. Daniel Crowell

Susannah wife of Winthrop Sears

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