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Obituary Josie L. Batchelder nee Drenan, Vermont

(No paper name given. Pasted in back cover of Bible.)


BATCHELDER—Died, in Hardwick, Vt., November 13, Josie L. BATCHELDER, aged forty-five years, six months and four days. Mrs. BATCHELDER was born in Woodbury, Vt., and was the youngest daughter of the late James and Clarissa DRENAN. She was married January 1, 1860, and in September, 1861, Mr. BATCHELDER enlisted in the United States service in which he continued for three years. Being quite frail during this time, Mrs. BATCHELDER broke down in health and never recovered. Throught the close attention of a kind husband and friends her life was prolonged much beyond
its apparent limit. She early gave her heart to the Savior, and though deprived of many religious privileges by reason of poor health she took great delight in reading her Bible and in religious conversation, thus showing her sincere love for Christ and his cause. She ever had a pleasant word for all.

A few days before her death she told Mr. BATCHELDER that she was soon to die, and gave directions in regard to her funeral, making choice of those who should assist inits duties, and choosing two friends who should care for her in her approaching dissolution and prepare her for burial. In a few hours she was taken violently worse and continued to decline until death came to her relief. She leaves no children, a son of four years having died some twenty years ago.

Her funeral services were held in Woodbury, Rev. J. D. BAILEY officiating and speaking from Psalms xi: 1, “In the Lord put I my trust”-- words of her selection. The high esteem in which she was held was shown by the many friends who attended her funeral and by the sympathy expressed in various ways. The following lines were kindly composed by Mrs. S. L. SABIN of Woodbury:

Another has passed from this world of ours,
And tender ties are riven”
While one is left alone to mourn,
Another’s found the rest of heaven.

How sad the loss, the parting pain,
The bleeding heart and sore,
While we yearn for a voice and footstep
That returns to us no more.

But we know there are mansions in heaven,
and beside the jasper sea
Our dear ones are watching and waiting--
Yes, waiting for you and for me.

Ne’er let the heart give place to doubt,
Nor ask, nor question why;
Enough to know, if faithful her
We’ll meet the loved ones by and by.”

Transcribed by Ruth Barton, 11 March 2007. Her comments in ( )

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