Wednesday, March 15, 2017

DNA Testing Sale on Ancestry!

  Thinking about having your DNA tested? Now's the time! Ancestry is offering 10% off on their DNA tests in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

The offer is good until March 19th. Just use this link for your 10% off DNA.

What can a DNA test do? You can learn about your ethnic origins, connect with others who match your DNA, and compare notes on your shared ancestors.

Read some of my personal stories about what my wife and I have learned from DNA tests.

We learned, for example, that the family rumours were true and that my grandfather's father was not the man married to his mother. Nope, the rumour that Great-Grandma had been messing around with the hired man named Cooper turned out to be true! DNA connected my mother and I with first cousins through the Cooper family.

We also were able to verify our paper research showing my wife's Native American heritage, and my black African-American ancestry.  More secret recently came to light, and this was something no one had any inkling of. Not a whisper, not a rumour, nothing - so it was a real bombshell and has led us to interesting researching on my ancestor, a free man of colour from Pennsylvania who came to Upper Canada (Ontario) in 1818.

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