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Sharing Memories: Learning to Drive

Sharing Memories: Learning to Drive
1974 Ford F150
Over at Olive Tree Genealogy blog there is a Genealogy Writing Challenge. It's 52 weeks of writing your own memoirs.  Lorine will be posting a weekly prompt each Sunday on Olive Tree Genealogy blog under the topic Sharing Memories. I've joined in and today's post is about learning to drive.

At age 16 I went to Ray's Driving School and learned to drive. Most kids in town went there. Mind you  I'd already been driving a truck for many years on my grandparents' farm where I stayed every summer. It was a brown 1974 Ford F150.

Having the experience of driving on the farm coupled with going to Driving School made getting my licence pretty easy.  I also live in a small town and I think that helped. However there was one strange incident that could probably only happen in a small town. I wasn't the only student in the car when I took my driver's test!

As the instructor and I were heading to the car he asked me if I minded if another student came with us. Of course I said I didn't care. It was a little old lady! She was in her 80s and was there for her renewal and I guess the instructor was in a hurry and thought it would make life easier if he could take us both.

So she sat in the back seat while I drove for my test, then we switched and I sat in the back seat while she drove. I felt bad for her because she failed!

None of that compares to my grandfather's driving test around 1930. His test was him and the instructor  (who he knew) driving the back country roads of southern Ontario drinking. Yep, times were different back then.

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