Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Petition to Bring 1921 Canadian Census online NOW!

Sign the Petition to Release the 1921 Canadian Census!
If you have not been following the saga of the 1921 Canadian Census please take a moment to read Call to Action! Government puts Canadian 1921 Census Release on Hold

  • The 1921 Canadian Census was released by Statistics Canada (either January or June 1st this year, government agency accounts differ) to Library and Archives Canada (LAC) for scanning and releasing to the public.  
  • It was due for release the first week of June but with no explanation from LAC the opening was delayed. 
  • LAC has not been forthcoming with any details or fanfare or explanation as to when we might see this census
  • A source at LAC revealed information that the Federal Government put the census release on indefinite hold because the only people interested were "3 little old ladies in Kingston [Ontario]"
Now, thanks to reader Bill Robinson, we have a chance to sign an online petition to request this 1921 census be released NOW. According to the LAC source it's on the servers ready to go but not available until the Government gives the okay. Let's show them that there are more than "3 little old ladies" who want to study this census and search for their ancestors!

Please share this post with others - in private emails or on appropriate forums and mailing lists (meaning please keep it on topic). Feel free to blog about the petition and provide the link for signing on your own blogs.  Anyone can sign no matter where you live so I hope to see our American, English, Australian and other friends and neighbours helping to bring this census online ASAP.

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