Friday, January 25, 2013

Doing More DNA Testing. Will it Show my African-American Heritage?

Ancestors At Rest: 23andMe Y-DNA Test Kit
My 23andMe DNA kits arrived yesterday. I already had my Y-DNA tested at Family Tree DNA but wanted to try another company and see what kind of results I get.

My Haplogroup is RM-269 and I'm still reading up on this to understand it better. I know that to get my terminal branch of the Y-DNA tree I need to order the order the National Genographic Geno 2.0 chip but it's almost $200.00 so will have to wait while I save my pennies!

It's been a very successful journey through FamilyTree DNA. You can read about how my DNA results allowed me to find and meet some new cousins on my Massey lineage, at The Massey DNA Connection

23andMe focuses on genetic health issues and that's intriguing. But I'm also hoping for confirmation of my African-American origins. My 4th great grandfather Jonathan Butler was a black man who came from the United States and settled in Ontario Canada some time before 1824. I know very little about him

You can read about Jonathan and see a photo of his beautiful granddaughter at The Challenge of Finding Our Black Ancestor's Origins
Ancestors At Rest: 23andMe Y-DNA Test Kit

I'm hoping 23andMe will provide more interesting details on my ethnic origins.

Next step: I'll provide the test sample and mail it back to 23andMe, then I wait.

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