Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Stray Tombstone in Pratt Kansas

A Construction Company was performing remodeling at a house in Pratt Kansas when they discovered a headstone on the west side of the house under a concrete slab.

The headstone reads: C.E. Miller 1887 – 1932.  No one knows why the tombstone is there. Authorities wonder if perhaps someone is buried there or was the stone taken from a local cemetery.

A check of nearby Greenlawn Cemetery revealed that a Corinda E. Miller was born and died in the same years listed on the found tombstone and is buried in Section 31 in Greenlawn.

Cemetery officials stated that the stones are similar. The speculation is that perhaps the stone found at the house was a temporary marker and once a permanent tombstone was erected, the temporary one was taken away.

A puzzling mystery!

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