Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where oh Where Has my Invitation Gone??

Where can it be? Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married tomorrow in London England. And I'll be gob-smacked - my invite has not arrived!

But my family tree clearly indicates that I, Brian Massey, am the 28th cousin, 4 times removed, of Wills. So what's up with not inviting me and my spouse to the wedding of the century!! I'd give him the benefit of the doubt and say maybe it was a space issue but I just found out that the Palace revoked the invitation previously sent to the Syrian ambassador.  So... that means there's a couple of empty spots at supper!

Here's the direct royal line down to Elizabeth from William I. It's a bit confusing but here's how it works - King Henry II's mother Matilda, was the sister of my direct ancestor David, 1st King of Scotland. That's right - I've got royal blood. My family always told me I was special...

At least, I've got royal blood if the online family trees can be trusted... but if they're online, they can't be wrong can they?

The line from my 26th great-grandparent David King of Scotland, comes down several generations to Bryan Stapleton who died in 1394. My Stapleton family carried on in the male line and ended up leaving England in the early 1800s for Canada.

So there we have it. If the online royalty trees are correct, I'm Will's cousin. And I really don't get why he didn't have all this figured out. I mean the guy can afford to hire a genealogist for cripe's sake! Or if he hasn't got the money what with marrying Kate, all he has to do is ask Grandma to pony up some Euros.

My wife says I should take him off the Christmas Card list.

Disclaimer: My tongue was tucked so far into my cheek it went numb. I won't be able to lick the stamp for Will's Christmas or Birthday card at this rate!


Betsy Cross said...

HAHA! That was funny!

Ginger Smith said...

Aye, good one, very funny. Here in the States, we don't take very kindly to cousins marrying each other anyways, so I don't think you're missing much, not being privy to that kind of *gasp*....keeping it in the family! (I heard they were 15th cousins) anyways...