Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Wonder who they are.

I thought perhaps I should do something in honer of Remembrance Day today. So I started looking through my family photographs and I came across this interesting one. My grandfather was a airplane mechanic in WW2 and he brought back a few photos and other items. Some of the photos are of him but this one would seem to be the crew of a bomber. It looks to me like a Lancaster bomber but I am no expert. Did they make it back. I guess I will never know. Gramps died a long time ago and he did not talk much about the war any way. They look like nice young men and I can only hope they survived. Being in a bomber in WW2 was a dangerous job and I really don't know how they found the courage to keep going.

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Claudia's Genealogy Blog said...

My father was an airplane mechanic and stationed in England with 8th Air Corps. Most of the bombers did not make it back. If you flew 25 missions you were entitled to go back to the states.

I remember he said that when he fixed the plane he felt like he would never see these guys again. I think possibly 85% of them never did come back.