Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ida Chase's Grave Robbed - Police Look for Grave Robbers & Descendants

Harwich police are searching for someone who broke into an imposing mausoleum, smashed through marble and slate walls, and opened the coffin of a woman who died a century ago, reports the Cape Cod Times.

Ida Chase died in 1913. She was put to rest in a grand mausoleum in Mount Pleasant Cemetery on South Street, along with her husband, a baby and two other female family members. The police suspect the grave robbers believed the mausoleum contained the remains of a wealthy woman buried with her valuable jewelry, and that's what they were after.

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No living relatives have been found. No doubt the police could use a genealogist or two on staff! Police are looking for more information and I wonder if they'd appreciate some genealogists having a hunt for Ida and any living descendants.

UPDATE: Okay I confess. I'm curious beyond belief! I watched an online video where Police took viewers into the actual mauseleum. By pausing the video I was able to read the inscription on Ida's tomb

Ida M. Chase
wife of George M. Chase
Born Sept. 2 1855
Died May 8 1913

A search of found the couple living in Boston Ward 1, Suffolk, Massachusetts in 1910. Both were born in Massachusetts. According to the census, they had one child, but none were living

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