Monday, March 15, 2010

My Thoughts on Who Do You Think You Are

It seems like everyone is talking about Who Do You Think You Are. So I guess it is time for me to join the crowd and say something. Having watched the first two episodes I can say for me the second one was a little better than the first. So hopefully it will continue to improve as we go along. It is not that there was anything really bad about the first episode. I just found the second one a little more interesting, perhaps because of my own black ancestry.

There were of course some issues with the genealogy presented in each of the two shows. But you must give the producers a little leeway in this as they are trying to produce an enjoyable and exciting television show that is only one hour in length. No one would want to watch if they did not spice it up a little.

The first two episodes featured Sarah Jessica Parker and football player Emmitt Smith as they journeyed around the United States and the world in search of their ancestors. Now I know most of us can not afford to go flying all over the world looking for our ancestors but fortunately we can do a lot of our research on line with company's like In fact Ancestry was one of the sponsors of Who Do You Think You Are.

In the case of Emmitt Smith they also used DNA testing to explore his ancestry. This DNA testing is quite interesting as it can provide information that you sometimes just can not find any other way. For Emmitt it gave him some insight into his white and native American background that researchers using more traditional methods were unable to find.

So all in all I think it is a good show that is well worth watching. It will inspire many current genealogists to get back to work. I also think it will create a whole new crop of genealogists both young and old to start digging into their family tree.

I just hope all the new genealogists don't take up my place at the microfilm reader.


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