Thursday, July 09, 2009

St.Johns Anglican Cemetery, Waverley, Simcoe County, Ontario

I have added a index to the photos of St.Johns Anglican Cemetery, Waverley, Simcoe County, Ontario. It makes browsing the photos much easier.
St.Johns Anglican Cemetery

If you are interested in other Simcoe County Ontario Cemetery records try Simcoe County Ontario


A. Armstrong (Ottawa, ON) said...

I'd like to browse these photos however the link in your entry goes to the general search and not to a specific photo archive. I can't find the location of your photos there.

Anonymous said...

Go to the link for Simcoe Co. that Brian gave in his post. Don't just click on the first thing you see! Scroll down the page and READ what is there.

For eg he has dozens of items, all linked to from that Simcoe Co. page, including the following Cemetery records

Simcoe County Ontario Cemetery Records
St.Andrews Presbyterian Cemetery Hillsdale, Simcoe County, Ontario
Creemore Union Creemore, Simcoe County, Ontario
Trinity Cemetery Collingwood, Simcoe County, Ontario
St.James on the lines Cemetery Penetanguishene, Simcoe County, Ontario
St.Johns Anglican Cemetery Waverley, Simcoe County, Ontario
Batteau Hill Cemetery South of Duntroon on Hwy 24, Simcoe County, Ontario
St Patricks Cemetery West of Stayner on Hwy 91, Simcoe County, Ontario
Sunnidale Corners Cemetery East of Stayner on Hwy 26, Sunnidale Twp, Simcoe County, Ontario
St. Margarets Cemetery Midland, Simcoe County, Ontario
Vasey United Cemetery Vasey, Simcoe County, Ontario
Wyebridge Presbyterian Cemetery Wyebridge, Simcoe County, Ontario
Lakeview Cemetery Midland, Simcoe County, Ontario
St Anns Cemetery Penetanguishene, Ontario
First Presbyterian Cemetery Penetanguishene, Simcoe County Ontario
St. Jame's Anglican Cemetery Penetanguishene, Simcoe County Ontario
United Church Cemetery Penetanguishene, Simcoe County Ontario
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery Victoria Harbour, Simcoe County Ontario
Ste. Croix Roman Catholic Cemetery Lafontaine, Simcoe County Ontario
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery Perkinsfield, Simcoe County Ontario
Christian Island Cemeteries Christian Island, Simcoe County Ontario

Lorraine said...

Does anyone know how to locate which cemetery an ancestor is buried in, if you know the date of death, but only know the area to be Waverly Ontario. Thank you. Lorraine Drinkle Browne

Genealogy Blogger said...

Lorraine - The death certificate often gives the place of burial (cemetery name etc)

You can also search Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid

You could also check church burial records. Waverley is a very small place.

Also Brian has a lot of the Waverley cemeteries on his site Ancestors At Rest

Lorraine said...

Good Afternoon,

I am attempting to locate the final resting place of my paternal grandfather, John Clarence Drinkle, who died in Ottawa on October 7, 1951 and was subsequently buried at his birthplace of Waverley Ontario.

Would your Church Cemetery have any record of him?

Most Sincerely,
Lorraine Drinkle Browne