Friday, March 06, 2009

St Ann's Cemetery in Penetanguishene Simcoe County Ontario

I was in Penetanguishene the other day and had some time on my hands so I took some photos of graves in St Ann's Cemetery. I already had a handful of graves from St Ann's online but this new batch gives me about 150. I now have about 75% of the old pre 1900 graves. St Ann's cemetery is still in use but I do not have many photos of the more recent burials.

I am still geting the new grave photos on line and it will most likely take me the rest of the day to finish.

You can see what I have online so far at St Ann's cemetery


Jill said...


I would be VERY interested in pictures of a couple of headstones that may be in St. Ann's Cemetery. They are the graves of Toussaint Charlebois and/or his wife Parmelia Marie (DuBeau) Charlebois. I believe they were both buried in St. Ann's Cemetery in Penetanguishene Simcoe County Ontario. Toussaint (my great-great grandfather was born on 10-30-1847 and died on 4-15-1889). His wife, Parmelia Marie, was born on 2-15-1855 and died on 1-24-1930. ALSO, I am not sure whether he was buried there, but I am searching for my great-grandfather's grave as well, he lived and was married in Penetanguishene, but I don't know whether he and his wife died/were buried there.

If you are willing, would you please check for their graves as well? I don't have a death date for either one of them, but their names as birth dates are:

Edouard Charlebois, born: 8-10-1874Marie Odile (DeRoches) Charlebois, born: 8-1-1875.

Thank you SO MUCH for your consideration of my request.

Sincerely, Jill Stacy

JML said...

Hi Jill:
Toussaint is our great grandfather. Our grandmother was Henrietta Charlebois Stokes. My sister has done a lot of research on the family and would like very much to get in touch with you. Please contact her at or you can reach me at Hope to hear from you soon.