Monday, February 11, 2008

Coffin Plate Death Records Online - A Surnames

Coffin plates are an overlooked free genealogical resource. They often contain the Birth Record and Death Record and can be used as a substitute for vital records. (Well technically they are not a substitute for vital records as the person giving the info might not have known for sure when the deceased was born or died. But it's a good place to start.)

In some rare cases the plates can contain even more information like place of birth or the occupation of the deceased. Unfortunately these valuable resources are scattered and there has not been a single repository for this valuable free genealogy resource until now. It is my intention to create a coffin plate database and a home for the unwanted plates themselves.

Here are the A SURNAMES I have online for Coffin Plates. I'll continue with the rest of my Coffin Plate Surnames over the next few days.

Coffin Plate Records on Ancestors At Rest Master Index

Coffin Plate George W Abbott 1860~1879 Found in U.S.A.

Coffin Plate Henry M Adams 1838~1900 Found in U.S.A.

Coffin Plate Sarah A Adams 1824~1877 Found in U.S.A.

Coffin Plate Lauuelina Jane Armand 1841~1866 Massachusetts.

Coffin Plate Mary M Atherton Found in New England

Coffin Plate Wilbert Avery 1860~1890 Found in Massachusetts.

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