Friday, September 07, 2007

Getting Copies of Documents on AncestorsAtRest

Genealogists frequently ask me where and how they can get copies of a genealogy document they saw listed on my Blog ( or my website

Many documents such as coffin plates, funeral cards, obituaries and family bibles are submitted to me by visitors. Sometimes they want to be contacted, so I provide their email address and name. Sometimes they don't. In those cases all you will see is their name.

Some items, especially the coffin plates, are my own private collection. I probably won't sell you the coffin plate (although you can always ask).

If I don't have a name with the items, it's either mine or it was an early submission (before I was careful about putting submitter names with those items!)

I hope you have found an interesting item for your ancestor and can enjoy the items online.

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