Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ships Passenger Lists Ireland to New York 1819-1829

27 Ships Passenger Lists Sailing from Ireland to New York between 1819 and 1829 have been added to the current ships passenger lists online at Olive Tree Genealogy.

These are partial lists gathered from the names of individuals admitted to the New York Almshouse before 1830. The New York Almshouse records give details of the ship name, port of departure and place of origin of each individual (as well as the standard date of admission, age and so on)

This is part of an ongoing project to extract the names of passengers on board ships sailing from Canada, Scotland,Ireland, England, Germany and France, to New York. See Ships to New York 1800-1824 and 1825-1849
or choose Ships From Ireland 1825-1830

The following ships lists were added today:

* Ship Otis from Dublin Ireland
* Ship Ontario from Dublin Ireland
* Ship Prince from Dublin Ireland
* Ship John & Adam from Cork Ireland
* Ship Schuykill from Cork Ireland
* Ship William from Cork Ireland
* Ship Laurel from Dublin Ireland
* Ship Lord Strangford from Dublin Ireland
* Ship Louisa from Belfast Ireland
* Ship Wilson from Cork Ireland
* Ship Ganges from Cork Ireland
* Ship Henry from Cork Ireland
* Ship Dianna from Cork Ireland
* Ship Liverpool from Cork Ireland
* Ship Union from Cork Ireland
* Ship Trio from Cork Ireland
* Ship Hope from Galway Ireland
* Ship Marcella from Galway Ireland
* Amanda from Galway Ireland
* Ship Jubilee from Galway Ireland
* Ship Newry from Newry Ireland
* Ship Mary from Dublin Ireland
* Ship New England from Dublin Ireland
* Ship Thomas from Dublin Ireland
* Ship Hibernia from Dublin Ireland
* Ship Dublin Packet from Cork Ireland
* Ship Othello from Dublin, Ireland

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Kathy said...

Did any of the Galway ships journey to New York in 1819? My family came from County Clare to N.Y. in 1819