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Obituary Jennie S. Haskell nee Lilley, Vermont & New Hampshire


Died in Acworth, N. H., November 7th, of typhoid fever Jennie S. HASKELL, daughter of Patrick and Clarissa LILLEY of Woodbury, Vermont., aged 36 years, 5 months and 4 days.

As a child she was known but to be loved, and as she advanced in years and he acquaintances extended, she commanded universal respect where known.

At the age of about twenty years she married Charlie E. HASKELL of Calais. In September, 1878, they went to Acworth, New Hampshire where they resided until her death and the high esteem in which she was held by the people where she lived, the following shows, having been written by a lady of that place:

”Of a quiet, unobtrusive nature, always in her proper place and industriously striving to do her whole duty in her home, she steadily gained the esteem and love of all who knew her.

Only three short years since she came among us a stranger, and today the
tearful eyes and tender words of her friends and neighbors, as they review
together their pleasant recollections of Jennie, prove how strongly she had become endeared to their hearts, and how kindly her memory will be

’She’s crossed the shining river
On waves of azure blue,
To weave with fragrant garlands
A home of rest for you.

You’ll cross the shining river,
You’ll clasp her to your heart,
Where love shall reign forever,
Where loved ones never part.’
South Acworth, N. H. , Nov. 8, ‘81”

The circumstances of her death in some respects were very afflicting. The sad news of her sickness reached her parents on Saturday evening, and on Monday morning her mother started to see her, arriving at her home two and one-half hours after her death, not having heard the sad news until she reached the door of the home.

The remains were brought to her former home where her funeral was attended by many of her friends and acquaintances.

Mr. and Mrs. LILLEY wish to say “that the people in Acworth have their highest esteem and most profound gratitude for their kindness to their child while in their midst.”

Transcribed by Ruth Barton, 11 March 2007. Her comments in ( )

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