Monday, February 12, 2007

New Genealogy Data On Ancestors This Week

I have put some more new data online this past week that may be of intrest to a few of you.

I have as always put more coffin plates online. A few of the names are Rounds, Caswell, Leighton, Thompson, Gordon, Haupt, Clark, Merritt, Collins, Judd, Avery Glenn, Sprague and more.

Coffin Plates

I have also added a bit more Irish genealogy data for Dean's Grange Monumental Inscriptons, Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland and the Kings County Ireland Protestant Orphan Society in 1889.

The Dean's Grange Monumental Inscriptons have been online for a few years now but I have added a few more names.

Deans Grange

The Kings County Ireland Protestant Orphan Society in 1889 is a new data base that just went online today.

Orphan Society

Good Luck

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