Monday, June 06, 2005

Terrace Lawn Cemetery Improvement Project - North Bay, ON, Canada

From Murray Pletsch, Chairman
Friends Of Terrace Lawn Cemetery Committee
North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Dear Fellow Researchers:

1. Terrace Lawn Cemetery is a large 91 years old cemetery near the centre of North Bay, Ontario.

2. The cemetery is slowly but surely deteriorating, mainly because the plots have been all sold and the maintenance of the cemetery is relying mainly on the interest from the Perpetual Care Trust Fund. Most of you likely know with the reduced interest rates over the past 10 years or so....the interest on these funds is also reduced and one does not need to be a banker to paint a clearer picture.

3. All the grave markers in the cemetery have been photographed and are accessable at the Link below.

4. This message is general in nature, but more specifically addressed to descendants of ancestors buried in Terrace Lawn Cemetery in North Bay and who are dispersed all over the world. Should you know a friend or family member who are
descendants, please pass the message to them.

5. The message? Please check for details about the project and how your help can really make a difference.


C said...

My baby is buried at Terrace Lawn cemetery. I am trying to find a picture of his marker. You stated that all of them have been photographed but I cannot find it - Stephen Andrew Harvey July 31, 1973 - Dec. 29, 1973. Thank-you - Chris

Angela W said...

I was at the cemetery to put flowers at my parents and sister’s gravesite first weekend in June and I have not seen the cemetery look that bad before. No water on, grass not cut. Look very neglected! I was there again today July 1st to weed and still no water on! Sorry state of affairs when a cemetery is that neglected!