Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Got Ancestors in Maine? Check this Store Ledger for Ancestors

Got Ancestors in Maine?
AncestorsAtRest has the following Ledger Books on site for Orono, Lagrange, Howland, Penobscot County Maine

Orono, Lagrange, Howland, Penobscot County, Maine 1923 to 1925 Store Ledger

170 Million Wills online FREE Sept 2-7!

FREE 170 Million Wills Now on Ancestry!
 More than 170 million pages from the largest collection of wills and probate records in the United States is now available online exclusively on Ancestry. 

With searchable records included from all 50 states spread over 337 years (1668-2005), this unprecedented collection launches a new category of records for family history research never before available online at this scale the United States.   

Until now, these records have only been available offline. Ancestry spent more than two years bringing this collection online, working with hundreds of different archives from individual state and local courts across the country and making a $10M investment to license and digitize the records. The documents cover well over 100 million people, including the deceased as well as their family, friends and others involved in the probate process. Ancestry expects to continue to grow the collection, with additional records available over the next several years.

To celebrate the launch of the new U.S. Wills and Probates collection on Ancestry,, the collection along with all U.S. birth, marriage and death records, will be available to explore for FREE, September 2 (12pm MT) through September 7 (10pm MT). 

Here are the records available as of today:

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Coffin Plate Of Mary Jones 1871 - 1913

Coffin Plate Of Mary Jones
Mary Jones 1871-1913
This interesting Art Nouveau Coffin Plate for Mary Jones 1871-1913 was popular in the 1890-1920 time period. It is made from silver plated cast Pot metal—also known as monkey metal.

Mary Jones Died Jan 16, 1913 age 42 years.

If you would like to look for your ancestors Coffin Plate I have over 500 more at....

Friday, August 07, 2015

Four Skeletons Identified as Original Jamestown Settlers

The bodies of four original settlers of Jamestown Colony have been identified! They are minister Robert Hunt, Sir Ferdinando Wainman, Captain Gabriel Archer and Captain William West.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Use A Relationship Calculator to Help with DNA Matches

A Relationship Calculator Helps with DNA Matches
If you are like me, whenever you get a DNA match that says the match is possibly a 3rd or 4th cousin, you can't remember or are not sure how to figure out where your common ancestor might be in your ancestry - a grandparent, a great-grandparent....??  In other words, how do you narrow the list of suspects candidates? 

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Favourite Canadian Genealogy Site?

Now's your chance to nominate your favourite site for Canadian genealogy.  Nominations are open until August 3rd so don't delay.

I'm happy to see Olive Tree Genealogy website on the list of pre-nominated sites! Check the list and see if there are some missing that you think need to be considered.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

The Coffin Plates Of Jonathan Abrams And Mary Abrams

Jonathan Abrams 
Died April 28th 1918
Aged 64

Mary Matilda Abrams 
Died April 27. 1924
Aged 66 years 10 mons

This group of Coffin Plates is for a husband and wife. I am told Jonathan Abrams was from Ontario Canada.

Submitted by Brad Abrams

View more Coffin Plates at